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According to police reports made by a night watchman at Thika Police Station, a man by the name John Gicheru passed on outside his green colour Subaru registration number KCJ 530C. The report was filled by a
watchman who was guarding the premises that the deceased met his death.
When the watchman reported the case to the police, the DCI (Directorate of criminal investigations)
rushed to the scene and found a man lying outside his car. It is also reported that the man passed on
after steamy sex session with his lover Apofia Thuita Oyego. The 25 year old lover of whom have been
dating for the past one year was found at the scene seated beside the deceased.
The police said they found kshs. 850, an iPhone, six mobile phones one handkerchief and car keys at the
scene. After some observations and investigations by the police, they found that the deceased man
private parts were swollen. The deceased man's lover has been arrested and detained at Thika police
whereas investigations are going on.
The body of the deceased has been transferred to General Kago funeral home in Thika as it awaits an

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