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The Ministry of education is in tandem with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization to ensure that students, teachers, and non-teaching staff are at low risk of contracting covid-19 by ensuring that all schools have enough water stations and sanitizers, public gatherings are controlled, social distancing is fully observed and wearing of face masks is greatly adhered to.

The Ministry of Education released a 30-week well-drafted school calendar that would run all the way to 2023. All primary and secondary schools will break for half term next week, Thursday of 26th to 29th August 2021. This comes after espionage of delay from the Ministry in matters University admissions that was scheduled to happen over
a month ago.

The form ones who reported about a week ago, will learn for only one and a half week
as then they break for half term.
On other side, admission of first years in most universities was expected to resume
this month and early September and many Universities are up to the key point of
enrolling students for the intake and the semester. Many University almanacs have
been tampered with especially the reporting days due to inconveniences caused by the

The break comes at a time when the Delta Covid variant is very high and this leaves
the students at a high risk of contracting the virus.

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