Has Philip Murgor resigned?


The widow to Tob Cohen is expected to take plea today as his lawyer Philip Murgor awaits his fate on whether he will continue with the case after the issue of him working for the DPP as a public prosecutor was raised.

Philip Murgor

Cliff Ombata the lawyer to Tob Cohens family claims that the notice of his resignation should be published on the Kenyan Gazette and if not he cannot appear in court for the accused person until the revocation is official and thus he should step aside from the case.

Cliff Ombata

“The fact that Murgor claims to have a resignation letter cannot be adopted by the court because such a letter cannot revoke a gazette notice,” said Mr Ombeta.

Murgor claims he filled a resignation and he has an affidavit to proof that he no longer works for the DPP. He continues to say that they want to lengthen the procedure and hold the accused on detention without trial.

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