Student killed and parts of her body missing


A student Emmah Wanyota was found dead in their farm in Moi Bridge and parts of her body missing. Her mother informed the media that her daughters legs and one hand are missing and also her intestines have been removed.

She claimed that Emmah was raped before being killed and her head looked like it was hit by a hard thing.

Few weeks ago girl was called and she was off her classmate called home and said a boy wants her by force and has taken her phone away. After her phone was taken away it led to her not sitting for her exams and also not graduating on 21st September.

Emmah and her went to buy solar and she came back home to oversee fixing of the solar panel. She later stepped out and communicated with her mother about it. When the mother came home and found that there was no one at home she tried calling her but the phone went unanswered. immediately she opened the door all she saw was blood and clothes scattered on the floor.

She called the other daughter and those who were installing the panel to ask if they left the house injured but they said no. She continues to say that she called the mother to the alleged murdered and she hanged up, called the man and he asked her to talk to his mother.

She added that she went to the police station came with the police to see the scene, looked for the body and didn’t find it. The police left and said the come back with sniffer dogs to help.

They started searching for in hospitals then later went back home. When they saw a path in the farm that looked like someone passed through. When they followed they path the found her body there and went back to the police station who came and picked the body.

The police decided to look for the accused at their home and as soon as they arrived, the brother informed the police that he had arrived home with his clothes full of blood and the shoes. They later saw Emmah’s phone, laptop, bag and trouser in his possession.

Residents claim they do not know whether this man is at the police station or not because according to them this is the third time he has murdered someone and he is always released from jail when this happens.  On the other hand, they complained that they went to the police to be able to gather information on where the other parts are but police just threw teargas on the residents while being told they are disturbing them.

The family and the residents ask that justice be served and the accused should tell them where he put her body parts.