Jowie sues State over alleged mistreatment


Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie has sued the State alleging mistreatment while in custody.

According to Citizen Digital, lawyer Wilson Nandwa claims that his client’s life is in danger and has urged the court to protect him.

“The applicant is being subjected to inhumane treatment in a cell infested with snakes and a dirty blanket full of bedbugs and lice,” the document reads.

He also alleges that an officer identified as Mr. Lekulal and others at Kamiti Maximum Prison physically assaulted him for no reason and further told him that  he would ‘throw him into a hole that he would never come out of’.

According to Jowie, it was after this threat that he was transferred from Kamiti Maximum Prison to Manyani in Voi.

He wants his application certified as urgent and is seeking to be escorted to Kiambu Police Station to report the incident.

Jowie’s lawyer also wants the prison officers restrained from mistreating his client who he further claims needs medical examination preferably at Kiambu Hospital.