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Brighter Monday Easens the Hiring Process for Companies

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Brighter Monday Easens the Hiring Process for Companies


According to vision 2030, it is estimated that there will be over 600,000 jobs created by different job sectors in the country. Hiring the right person/people for a job steers a company in the right direction. The Human Resource department is tasked with looking for the most qualifiable candidate.

Effective hiring has become a very important consideration in the overall performance of a company. The Human Resource scope has changed. Back then it was all about hiring and firing staff. The scope has mirrored strategy for the company, crisis management, and most importantly counseling that is being offered to members of staff.

Hiring right has become an indispensable motif that companies have to embrace, as it is paramount to the overall success of the company. Many SMEs are failing because of not hiring the right talent. Commenting on this issue, Mr. Michael Kinyanjui, the deputy head of sales at Brighter Monday Kenya, shed light on the importance of right hiring,

“The key to hiring right is looking for the right talent and interests in the job seeker. Going through over 14,000 CVs after a company has advertised for a post is pretty tedious, therefore as Brighter Monday, we have come in to bring a practical and sustainable solution to businesses across all sectors. Therefore as a candidate who is looking for a job you need to be versatile and have as many transferrable skills as you possibly can.’’ In the current job sphere, we as recruiters are looking for the best of the best. But who is this best? I am looking for someone who knows what he or she can deliver and someone with many transferrable skills such as good communication skills, tech-savvy and an avid reader be it novels, newspapers, and someone with a keen eye in current affairs. This,is key in making sure that the job seeker comes out strong and makes them employable. Having the papers is all good but the soft skills are paramount too. Attitude for me is crucial’’ said Mr. Kinyanjui.

Through the initiative from Brighter Monday, recruiters will get the best and most effective job seekers who will in turn bring a lot to the table.

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