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Civil Servants Obliged to be Vaccinated

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Civil Servants Obliged to be Vaccinated


All civil servants across the country are obliged to take the COVID-19 vaccine or face disciplinary action from the employer.

Civil servants across the country are to take advantage of the ongoing nationwide mass-vaccination process by the 23rd of August 2021 or face unnamed disciplinary action from the government.

The move by national government is to unable them resume full in-person operations in all government offices and institutions across the country

In a circular issued and signed by head of public service Mr. Joseph Kinyua, civil servants are obliged to take the first dose of the vaccine by the 23rd of August.

“…It has therefore been decided that all civil servants will be prioritized in the ongoing vaccination exercise and that those who will not have been given the 1st jab by 23rd August,2021 be treated as indiscipline cases and appropriate action taken against them…” reads the circular in part.

The circular sent across all public offices came as the country recorded 1,183 people have tested positive for the disease, from a sample size of 8,144 tested in the last 24 hours. This is a positivity rate of 14.5%.

This announcement is set to raise controversy across the country given the ministry of health in daily updates had declared taking the vaccine a voluntary endeavor void of coercion from the national government.

But in a rejoinder Kinyua noted that most civil servants avoided reporting physically to their offices in the guise of ‘avoiding infection’ opt to work from home instead of reporting to work.

This he has seen as a compromise in the quality of service delivery on their part and a let down to the citizenry.

The head of public service noted the irony in slow uptake of the vaccine by teachers, core civil servants and those in the security sector while priority has always been given to them

“…, it was noted there was slow uptake of COVID-19 vaccine among public servants, especially in the security sector, teachers and core civil service. This is against a background of access to vaccines having greatly improved especially among these groups….” Read the circular released.

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