Parent claims teacher caned her daughter to death


Police in Kwale have arrested a teacher who is accused of caning a 14-year-old Aisha Awadhi who died two days later.

Peter Nzimbi, the Lungalunga Subcounty Police boss said an autopsy revealed that the schoolgirl died from a blood clot caused by a head injury.

Before she was hospitalised, Awadhi had complained of a severe headache from the alleged beating.

The teacher is reported to have caned all class seven pupils.

According to the deceased’s mother Memsa Adbadallah, she had already presented a medical history of her daughter to the school that forbade corporal punishment.

Aisha, according to medical documents, was suffering from Sicklecell anaemia and needed specialised care and handling.

“I gave the school the medical report of my daughter ,where the doctor had indicated that Aisha should not be beaten or given any tough task that can pose a threat to her life.”She said

She succumbed two days later while receiving medical attention at the Msambweni Refferal Hospital.

The school principal Nassir Mwabweko however watered down the allegations saying that the student could not have died from the caning.

Aisha was laid to rest on Monday.