Man surrenders to police after stabbing wife’s lover to death


Police officers in Bomet County are presently holding a man who surrendered after stabbing his wife’s lover to death in a lodging.

Confirming the incident, Bomet County Police Commander Naomi ichami said the suspect found the two in a lodging at Kapkwen trading center on the outskirts of Bomet town and confronted them.

He, in the ensuing argument, took out a knife and stabbed both his wife and her lover, killing the latter instantly with the former sustaining minor injuries.

The deceased succumbed to injuries after bleeding profusely from the open wounds in the left shoulder and the neck inflicted by the knife.

The suspect’s wife was rushed to Longisa hospital where she is receiving treatment.

The man later surrendered to Bomet Police Station and is set to be arraigned in court on Monday