Embu Deputy Speaker calls for research on whether eating locusts increases ‘nguvu za kiume’


Embu County Assembly Deputy Speaker Steve Munene on Wednesday called for research to be conducted on desert locusts to determine whether eating them could increase male sexual energy.

Munene said the swarms of locusts may have the key to male infertility due to their high protein content.

According to the MCA, although the Bible recommends eating of locusts, Embu people do not know what benefits the insects can provide to the human body if consumed.

Munene now wants the Agriculture departmenT to research so that the county populace does not sit and watch nutrition flying away.

“I read in the book of, I think, Deuteronomy that God allowed us to feed on locusts. We should be having a report to tell us whether we can advise our people to eat the locusts or not…they may be having some nutrition, have some medicinal value, nguvu za kiume, he said, while making a presentation in the House, .

“The Chair should inspect and tell us whether these are the locusts that the Bible is talking about that God allowed us to eat.”

Munene also questioned whether the locusts can cure the many chronic diseases that continue dogging Embu residents.