Furious MP storms TSC offices, locks them


There  was  drama at  the  Garissa TSC offices on Monday afternoon when Ijara MP, Sophia  Abdinoor  stormed and locked them up.

The MP demanded to know whether the office had a solution to the current teachers shortage occasioned by the mass transfers of non-local teachers from the county.

Garissa Sub County TSC Director, Hussein Abdullahi Abdi tried to calm down the legislator but it did not bear any fruits  as she insisted that it is the teachers’ employer  that was the genesis of the current crisis.

Sophia then ordered all the staff out of the offices and proceeded to lock them up with new padlocks that she had carried with her.

The  MP  whose video recently went viral on social media addressing students of Haji Girls School in which she called non-local teachers who had fled her constituency names, said she stood by her statement and she was not apologetic.

Addressing the press Sophia said that it was unfortunate that most teachers come in the region pretending to be looking for employment to serve the people but ‘ at the back of their mind were using the opportunity to get jobs and flee at the slightest opportunity’.

“I have a problem with 15 teachers that we employed after we pleaded with TSC to employ them on a permanent basis and who had signed a five-year contract. After seven months they are running away, saying that our area is insecure. Most of them have businesses and families in Masalani,” Sophia said.

“They are doing this with the blessing of TSC. These conmen and criminals don’t deserve to be called teachers. They should be ashamed,” she added.

“I am a very angry leader and mother seeing the suffering that our young children are being subjected to by the teachers. This is just inhuman and unacceptable,” she said.

Sophia said in her constituency alone at least 85 teachers, both from primary and secondary schools have already left crippling the education sector.

“Some schools have been left with one or two teachers. In many cases the pupils are more than 400. Surely how do you expect such schools to run. They will definitely be closed down,” she said.