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Agent beats up woman over rent arrears


A woman in  Kitengela is nursing injuries after a house agent allegedly beat her up  for failing to pay rent.

The 7pm incident occurred at Danco Apartments managed by an investment agency in the town.

Pauline Achieng’, while narrating her ordeal from Kitengela subcounty hospital, said the man she identified as the agent went to her house and demanded a balance of Sh13,000 being rent balances from April.

“I told him my husband had not come back from work and I did not have the money at the time. He again told me he wanted to lock the house and therefore I should walk out with my six-months-old baby so he could lock it,” Achieng’ said.

“He attempted to pull me out of the house while my child was suckling. I held on to the door. When he failed to pull me out, he hit me on the head as he rained kicks on my waist and stomach,” Achieng’ said.

She said she could only remember the last kick on her stomach that caused her to black out. She later came back to her senses at the government hospital at night.

Her husband, James Muturi, said he arrived home soon after the incident and hired a taxi to take his wife to hospital.When he confronted him to explain what happened the man only said Achieng’ first hit him on the face.

Neighbours who turned up immediately after the confrontation said they took the infant from the mother when she blacked out.

Muturi said they have lived in the apartment for the last five years and they have never failed to pay their house rent.