Police launch a hunt for girls who left a bag with a gun at Naivas Supermarket


Police in Thika have launched a hunt for two girls who were captured by surveillance cameras at Naivas Supermarket-Thika branch,on December 30, 2019 dropping a bag that contained a gun at the luggage bay and never picked it.

Police also found 40 rounds of ammunition, a laptop and undisclosed documents.

Naivas Thika Supermarket management says that they grew suspicious of the contents of the bag after it remained uncollected from their luggage shelves for ten days.

CCTV cameras show that two women, who had wrapped scarves around their heads, arrived at the mega store at 4pm on December 30, and dropped the bag at the bay before entering the supermarket briefly.

One of the women wore a pair of trousers and a top, whereas the other one donned a dress. Their faces were, however, visible, hence identifiable.

Thika Sub-County Police Commander, Beatrice Kiraguri, informed that they have established the pistol was stolen from a licensed firearm holder earlier December 30 in Kandara, Murang’a County.

“The gun-holder reported the incident at Kandara Police Station the same day, and detectives commenced a search for the stolen property,” said Kiraguri.

Naivas Thika manager, Daniel Mukuha, said they did not open the bag to see its contents as that would go against their policies.

Mukuha said they allowed the bag to remain on their shelves for the said-period because “they understood the confusing demands of the festive season on their customers”.

“However, when our staff members who handle customers’ luggage told us that the bag had stayed for abnormally long period on the shelf, we reported the incident to police,” Mukuha..

“We are planning an emergency meeting with all our security personnel to chart a way forward following this shocking incident. Our customers’ safety is paramount,” added