Kiambu Court grants orders to dispose of unclaimed bodies



According to the law, if a body remains at the institution unclaimed for 21 days, the hospital is allowed to dispose it off so long as they have sought orders from court and are given 14 days’ notice to allow the public to collect them.

Kiambu Chief Magistrate Patricia Gichohi has issued an order allowing the Kiambu Level 5 hospital to dispose 26 unclaimed bodies that have overstayed at the hospital mortuary.

The Hospital will disposed of the unclaimed bodies on expiry of the 14-days’ notice  that was issued during which people who have lost relatives are expected to visit the morgue and help in the identification prior to the disposal.

Bodies that will not have been identified and claimed by March 4th, 2020, will be buried at the public cemetery in Kanunga ward of Kiambu sub-county in Kiambu County.

The magistrate however cautioned that the bodies should only be disposed of after the expiry of the notice adding it would be traumatic for the hospital to bury someone whose relatives would show up later to claim the body.

The hospital has a capacity of only 23 bodies and reports state that the mortuary had around 40 bodies.

Among the bodies that remain unclaimed as at the time of the order are those of eight unknown African males, 10 known African males among them that of a 17-year-old prisoner from Kiambu GK Prison, one unknown African.

Other bodies are those of infants who succumbed while at the hospital and were abandoned by their mothers.

Some of the unclaimed bodies were of patients who had been admitted to the hospital and after they succumbed to illnesses or injuries, they were abandoned by their relatives.