Neighbor from hell? Woman seeks justice after her neighbour bit her son’s genitals off


A lady in Kiambu County is seeking for  justice after their neighbour bit her son’s genitals during an argument.

Joyce Muthoni said that the suspect who claimed to be a member of their estate demolished a section of a one-story house she was  building for her two sons over claims that she was building rentals on a locality designed for residential houses.

After the incident, she went to the scene of the incident in the company of her youngest son.

Muthoni then demanded to know why the man had an issue with was doing at her property.The two reportedly got into a argument with Muthoni following the man to his place.While at the suspect’s house, her son got into an argument with the suspect, and that is when his genitals were bitten off.

The family is now seeking compensation for the damages incurred in the demolition of their house and justice for the son.

The suspect has since been arrested.