Kirinyaga: Pupils to cohabit with chicken



Pupils of Mwea Brethren primary school in Kirinyaga County resumed school and found their classrooms occupied by chickens.

When Covid 19 struck and schools were closed,the school owner converted the school into a chicken farm. .

“We had to remove some of the chickens from one of the classrooms to accommodate the Grade Four children who were the first to arrive in school to resume learning,” the school manager, Beatrice Maina said.

Ms Maina said it was unfortunate that the government ordered the resumption of learning before her chickens could mature for sale.

“It will take time to phase out the chickens because they have to mature and be sold,” she explained.

She reiterated that she and her husband had to embark on poultry farming to eke out a living and raise money to clear a Sh500,000 bank loan.

She reiterated that pupils will not be turned away but insisted they have to co-exist with the birds, unless the government comes up with another solution for the institution.

“We can have another site for the children but we have no money to construct more classes. If the government avails funds, then we are willing to make the pupils comfortable,” she said.