One dead, 2 in critical condition in suspected Chang’aa poisoning


One person has died while two are fighting for their lives at Keumbu Hospital in Kisii after a night out at a chang’aa den.

In a police report it reveals that three men in their mid-thirties were dumped at Nyabisabo market at around 11.30 am on Wednesday.

One of them was Thomas Onkoba who appeared drunk. He was also unconscious.

He died before he could be taken to a hospital. His friend Nyabioge Jomo also appeared drunk and had also passed out.

The third man, Brian Juma was conscious but was complaining of severe stomach pains.

Preliminary investigations have it that the three drunk illicit brew in Riobara on Tuesday evening.

It is however not clear whether the two got too drunk or poisoned.

During an address to the nation on Monday, President Kenyatta blamed the surging cases on “reckless” behaviour, saying there was notably, an “aggressive surge” among young people who were socialising, “particularly in environments serving alcohol”, and were, in turn, infecting their elders.