Meru MCA Hon.Dennis Kiogora alias DMK speaks on Coronavirus: If I was the Health CS

In the recent past, Corona virus has been the most talked about issue in the world. Early this morning, Nigeria through their ministry of health, confirmed the first  case of the virus to be reported in the country.

Hon.Dennis Kiogora alias DMK Member County Assembly (MCA)Abogeta West ward in South Imenti constituency aired his thoughts of how he would handle this menace if he was the health CS.


Hon. Kiogora stated that he would closely work with the  CS Foreign Affairs and CS Interior to Prevent and prepare  for the Coronavirus outbreak.
The MCA said he would move all patients from Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital (MLKH) to Mbagathi and KNH.  Then Prepare MLKH as the quarantine and treatment facility for all Coronavirus matters : suspected symptoms,quarantine facility and treatment. He continued to say that the quarantine and treament wing should be separated from the other totally.
On the issue of training medical personnel on he would station military doctors and nurses at MLKH after a 1 month training , stating that only military men and women are the ones trained to protect this country from external threats.
At the airport, Kiogora would ensure all passengers arriving from China regardless of citizenship, MUST quarantine at MLKH for 14 days under 24 hour surveillance.
After leaving the facility, monitoring should continue for at least a month requiring one to attend a medical checkup at MLKH once a week for 4 weeks insisting that Self -Quarantine cannot work.
The MCA continued to say that he would ensure all arriving passengers in the country to the countries they have been to in the last 21 days. and anyone who has been to any area where Coronavirus cases have beeen reported, they must quarantine regardless of nationality.
Family members of those who are in China have been pleading with the government to evacuate their kin for a while now. The MCA stated that he would repatriate all Kenyans in China and quarantine them for 14 days.
He finalized by stating that the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) ought to have started started studying the virus and researching for a vaccine.