Rongo Law Courts closed after two staffers, suspects test positive for COVID-19


Activities at Rongo Law Courts have been suspended for 14 days after two staffers and several suspects arraigned at the premises tested positive for COVID-19.

In a notice, Resident Magistrate Raymond Langat said it will remain closed to allow time for the staff to go for self quarantine.

He indicated that Chief Justice David Maraga gave the directive for the closure of the court after he was informed of the COVID-19 cases.

Disinfection of the facility will also take place before services can resume on August 25, 2020.

In the same bid to prevent the spread of the virus, the Rongo police cell has also been closed for 14 days after three suspects tested positive for the virus.

Rongo Sub County police boss Peter Okiring said they have only closed the cell but other operations are continuing as usual.

Mr. Okiring said all suspects from the region will be moved to the cell at Migori Police Station as they wait for the disinfection of the Rongo police cell.

According to the department of health, several suspects from police cells in Rongo and Awendo have tested positive for COVID-19.