Nyandarua family demands answers on man’s who committed suicide in cell



The family o in Huho-Ini, Gathanji Sub-county, is demanding for answers on their kin who died under unclear circumstances while in a police cell is demanding answers.

Police reports indicate that Mr Simon Ngaruiya Muhia, 26, killed himself inside a cell at Huho-ini Police Post on Monday.

The victim’s elder brother, Mr Paul Ng’ang’a Muhia, said Mr Ngaruiya had been embroiled in a grudge with some officers at the police post.

Nyandarua West Sub-county Police Commander Wanyama Nyongesa said Mr Ngaruiya was arrested after a complaint was raised that he was creating disturbances.

He urged the family to be calm as they wait for postmortem extermination to be conducted.

Ol Joro Orok Member of Parliament Michael Muchira called for speedy investigations. A few months ago, another man reportedly committed suicide inside the cells in Ngano Police Station.