No COVID-19 case reported in Samburu – MoH clarifies




Ministry of Health Director General Dr Patrick Amoth on Sunday said that no COVID-19 case had been reported in Samburu, contrary to earlier reports.

In statement, Dr Amoth said the case was a police officer working in Marsabit, adding that Marsabit Health Department had been contacted to take over the matter.

“Our Health Promotion Officer has managed to contact the patient reported in the media today as COVID-19 positive and a resident of Samburu. Upon being interviewed, He reported he was tested in Isiolo County on Friday 24th July 2020 enroute to his work place in Moyale where he works with the border Control Unit as an administrative Police officer,” Samburu CDH said.

On Sunday, Samburu county government clarified that there was no COVID-19 case in the county as reported by Ministry of Health on Saturday.

Governor Lenolkulal urged the COVID-19 national command center to handle samples effectively so as not to raise unwarranted anxiety.