Muriri area, Meru under panic over suspcted armed killer


Seven people have already died in a knife attack in meru. a man identified as kiliru has made residents flee for safety

The police have already issued a shoot to kill order

Joseph Kileru,  30-year-old man is on the run after killing seven people and injuring several others at Muriri market and along the Muriri-Isiolo Road on Monday.He said to have gone berserk before randomly attacking people, including school children.

After killing people on Monday, he disappeared and the police issued a shoot to kill order as soon as he is found.

Tigania East OCPD Peter Karanja told a local journalist  that they are hunting the assailant whom he said is armed with a panga (machete) and other crude weapons.

Kileru’s wife, Gasheri, said her husband went wild at about 3 pm and threatened to kill her and their three children. she added that her husband vowed to kill at least 50 people and the commit suicide.

Parents in the area went to pick their children from school claiming they do not know the where about of the man and they cannot compromise the safety of their children. The teachers only allowed the parents to pick children in the lower classes.