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Deadly, Poisonous Alcohol Claims Two More Lives

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Deadly, Poisonous Alcohol Claims Two More Lives


As of today, two more people have died after consuming illicit brew at JC village in Bahati, Nakuru County, raising the death toll from the incident to ten. This has continued to cause a lot of unrest in the area as the residents
continues complaining about the matter that has caused unrest all over.

Residents continue to protest for justice. Speaking to Citizen TV, the CEC health at the county highlighted that the bodies of the victims were scattered as others were taken to hospital while they were unconscious. The victims were undergoing treatment and the nurses said that they were vomiting and complaining of stomachaches.

Police officers have now launched a crackdown against illicit liquor in Hodi Hodi and JC villages in Bahati where the incidences occurred.

The victims were being treated for alcohol intoxication and organophosphate poisoning. Lee Kinyanjui, The Governor of Nakuru County, said that it was time for  Nakuru people to put an end to such acts.  “As people of Bahati, we are very much disappointed in the people who are making illicit brews and selling them to the
locals. This matter will be taken seriously and the suspects will be charged. This will be a lesson never to be forgotten to anyone who is found doing such acts’’

Investigations and autopsies are continuing. More details will be released.

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