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Edgar Obare Instagram Page missing

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Edgar Obare Instagram Page missing


Kenya’s popular blogger Edgar Obare, popularly known as The Tea Master is missing on Instagram.

Fans have noticed that his verified account is missing from Instagram after he did the wash wash expose.

The tea master’s former backup account BNN is also not working as it does not redirect one to his main verified account.

To the few who do not know Edgar Obare, here is a little history to keep you afloat:

Edgar is popularly known as the tea master to his fans in his Instagram account. He exposes both popular and unpopular Kenyans who display socially unacceptable behaviors. Edgar has been making rounds on Instagram after the Wash Wash expose where he has linked several Kenyans with money laundering accusations.

In this particular expose, some Kenyans came clean on wanting to multiply their money but as is the case when dealing with conmen, they end up getting played.

Their unfortunate encounters ended up giving them a firsthand look at how some of the flashy businessmen make their money.

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