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End Curfew Now, Says KOT

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End Curfew Now, Says KOT


Kenyans on Twitter have expressed their anger and dismay over the curfew imposed by the government on its civilians. Many Kenyans pointed out the hypocrisy in the Kenyan government that is busy putting curfew measures and protocols that are thrown out of the window by leaders who are busy holding political rallies every single day.

The netizens wonder how the government is letting crowds fill up rallies with no covid 19 preventive measures observed like social distancing.

Here are some of the tweets by KOT
@ChampeMaxwells, “Why impose curfew and allow politicians spread Covid thru political rallies.

@CharlesGatumo “GoK should tell us who deactivates Corona Virus during the day (to benefit political class)….and
activates it at 21:59Hrs to 03:59hrs (to oppress mwananchi)…#EndCurfewNow”

@Itsmeshackil, “Guys, I don’t know how we are going to do it, but we need this curfew in Kenya removed by end of this month of August. We can not continue losing our lives and livelihood to a misguided curfew. Join me in this, share #EndCurfewNow”

@DanMutindaMBA, “Only in Kenya where Corona spreads during curfew hours and not in political rallies.#EndCurfewNow”

It seems that #EndcurfewNow will be trending for some time now if nothing is done to minimize or stop political rallies that are the super-spreaders of  Covid 19 as advised by the health officials.

The economy is on its knees. The government needs to lift the curfew and allow people to work. Kenyans, especially those who own small businesses are crying foul for they have been hit hard.

@NatashaLunah, “Telling Kenyans to close their businesses by 10 pm is the most useless thing on earth while the same crooked politicians are entertaining huge crowds. Uhuru Kenyatta should stop this kind of madness #EndCurfewNow.”

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