Home Entertainment Ruth Matete speaks on the condition she battled duting pregnancy

Ruth Matete speaks on the condition she battled duting pregnancy


Gospel singer Ruth Matete has  opened on the rare condition she was battling during her pregnancy.

Ms Matete disclosed that she was battling Pre-eclampsia, a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure in expectant women.

“I had really been believing God to have my child like the Hebrew women. I did my evening walks round the estate, and did some exercises. Then on one of my ante natal visits to the hospital, the doctor said my pressure wasn’t good. My face and legs had swollen but I thought to myself it is normal with pregnancy. (Had just come back from coast)

So the doctor suggested we do some tests to rule out some things. On doing the tests, we found out I had Pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure.

Pre-eclampsia usually begins after 20 weeks of pregnancy in a woman whose blood pressure had been normal. It can lead to serious, even fatal, complications for both mother and baby” wrote Matete in part.

She delivered baby Toluwa on October 19th 2020 at a time her due date had been estimated to be in mid or end of November.

“I had to be admitted that day for my pressure to be monitored. I went home after a day because it had stabilized. Stayed home one day and the next day, it went up again. This time it was so painful, I actually thought I was going into labor. My tummy was hard all round.

I couldn’t feel my baby moving and I panicked the more. My friend rushed me to the hospital and on reaching there, the doctor said that we had to go in for an emergency CS otherwise I risked losing my child and my life. I have heard of hospitals where they lie to you about your condition so that you end up having a Caesarean section just to make money. But the pain I was having that day was really bad. Don’t even talk about the swelling.

Anyway, I went in for the emergency CS and on 19th October 1.20pm, my child was here. Oh Lord!! The feeling is indescribable. . My baby came at 35 weeks. Amazingly, she didn’t go to NICU or even the incubator. I just heard the doctors saying, “she’s good. Scored 10/10” said Matete.

She also gave an explanation on her baby’s gender saying; “About the gender, 6 months later the scan showed it’s a girl. I had to sing the song “nifundishe kunyamaza” and put it into practice. Didn’t wanna confuse wananchi again.

So yeah. We are here. Nursing pole pole. Learning along the way and my goodness, I am a happy woman.”

“My heart is full In this life, I have had several titles. Daughter, cousin, auntie, girlfriend, fiance, wife, Pastor and now,my title has changed once again. Am now called mother. Isn’t God amazing? You may not have everything you wish for or desire, but I have come to learn that God will always give you what you need. And what you don’t have but still wish to have, He will give you grace to be ok without it until the right time comes for you to have it.

Just like I wish my late husband would be here. But he is not. But God has given me grace each day. This is also to encourage you who is waiting on God. Please be still and know that He is God. You desire to get married and settle down? He is able to do it. You desire to have children? He’s able to do it. Believing God for a better job? He’s able to do it. Believing God for peace in your marriage? Just surrender to His will and timing. You won’t regret. God has wiped away my tears. I now have a new motivation. My child.

Ni Mimi wenyu bado. Mchungaji Ruth Matete, ukipenda, Mama Toluwa Apewajoye” shared Ruth Matete.