Home Entertainment Lilian Muli: Why would you open accounts for our babies?

Lilian Muli: Why would you open accounts for our babies?


Lillian Muli has asked people to stop declaring their love to people via social media yet they are not on those platforms. Her words of advice, let them know in person, it has a bigger impact.

Lilian Muli

“Privacy is power! Why are you professing your Love to your person if they aren’t on IG (Instagram)? Just tell them in person.” She shared

As a mother of two children, her other major concern is why parents choose a social media life for their children.

“Also I wonder when we open Instagram accounts for our babies have we given them an option to grow up and decide whether they want a public life? Smh,” Lillian added

Very many celebrities and people in general have opened up social media pages for their children and they keep exposing a lot of their personal life.

Here are a few celebrities who have opened social media ages for their children:

  1.  Size 8 and DJ Mo
  2.  Diana Marua and Bahati
  3. Terence Creative and Milly Chebby
  4. Betty Kyallo
  5. Njugush and Celestine
  6. Tanasha Donna
  7. Mr Seed and Nimo
  8. Kabi Wa Jesus and Milly Wa Jesus
  9. Hamisa Mobetto
  10. Zari Hassan