Home Entertainment 50 year old Esther Musila opens up on their relationship with Guardian 

50 year old Esther Musila opens up on their relationship with Guardian 

In the recent past, Guardian Angel and her girlfriend have been the talk of town.Gospel Singer Guardian Angel’s lover Esther Musila has the first time spoken about their relationship, saying she is 50-year-old and she knows what she wants in life.

Speaking to Janlango, Esther disclosed that she met Guardian through Maina Kageni and their love grew months later.

“I had restrained myself from ever having an interview but I think it good for me to also fight for myself because some people judging me or talking about me, they don’t know my life, they don’t know my journey they are probably even hurting my kids with the things they are saying. And I want to put this straight, I am 50-year-old I have been through life and I know what I want with the reminder of my life that God has given me, my mother died at 72 years and that very young and if I have to live to the life she lived, that’s 20 years and I want those to be my best life starting now.

I remember when this year started I said to myself I have been through life 50 is a big year but I purposed and said this is going to be my year, I would do what Esther wants and I will make Esther happy, my kids are grown, the last born is 22 years, they are running their lives, but am still their mother but as Esther I have my life a which I want to live. So I am living my life, my rules, I am happy and Guardian said we met through Maina Kageni” said Esther Musila in part.

The gospel musician also stated that people should never be quick to judge people .

“I have never been happy in my life like I am today, Genuinely happy. You can not trade money to happiness and cannot go and throw myself in a ditch because there is money in that Ditch. I am a very sound money that when I decided to do something, then clearly am, not going in that direction to kill myself.

So which ever decision I have made, whether there is love, whether we are in a relationship, whether we love each other, it does not matter. What matters is… am I a happy person, is she a happy person, are we doing the right thing, however feel I have done a wrong thing from the speculations they have. I want to ask you for forgiveness for whatever reason.

Second I want you to give me the script of my life that God gave you for you to tell me, as per the script of God this is the woman you were to marry. If you give me that I will follow you, but if you don’t have it please shut your mouth and let love win”

“I have been frustrated in this industry, I have cried in my bed alone, I have given up…by the time I am talking to Esther after a week of knowing each other and even her asking me if we can be able to do a song together, I was giving up on music. While recording her song Roho yangu I was giving up. But she came and told me Kazi ya mungu lazima iendelee, so all my ministry has been pushed by the person you think is wrong. If she had not come at that time I would have given up. I would not be singing now. So you don’t know this person, you don’t know why she is respected like this in my life before you say a word.

He also addressed those who said he is marrying someone old enough to be his mother.

Those who have said this guy is going to love his mother, listen the word says, you will come together and become one, if this woman is older than you or your mother the minute you agree to become one, the nonsense of mother-ness ends and she becomes your wife. So if we have agreed to be in marriage she is my wife, it doesn’t matter how old she is, I am the husband, that’s is if we are married” said Guardian Angel.