Jalang’o reveals amount of money his YouTube channel revealed has earned him


Comedian Jalang’o during his recent interview with Tonnie Murithi he revealed that his 3 month YouTube channel which has more than 200k subscribers has earned him KSh1.8M.

Jalang’o TV, we’re barely 2 months old and already at over 200k subscribers. Do you know for the first 3 months since I started my YouTube channel, I’ve had at least 4 shows every week. And YouTube sent us our first cheque of KSh1.8M, just the other day.

Forget his YouTube, the kid has been reaping way more millions from IG, talk of the adverts his timeline is full of; for every advert or foreign material that doesn’t seem like personal content, that is a cheque right there.

I have made close to KSh3M a month. Every post is paid for, from the decor companies, to the tour & travels, manufacturing industries, entertainment companies etc. I don’t just wake up and post stuff, it is money bro.