Musician Vivian Attracts Backlash in Tiff With Tiktok Star Azziad


Kenyan musician Vivian attracted backlash for approaching TikTok star Azziad Nasenya to promote her song for free.

In an Instagram live interview, the musician noted that she reached out to the Aziad to post her new song Simpo Simpo featuring Stivo Simple Boy.

“We asked her if she can share my new song and she asked to be paid. That really suprised me. She is new in the industry,” the artiste stated.

Her sentiments attracted backlash on social media with a number of Kenyans accusing the musician of not appreciating the value of the digital influencer.

In a video retweeted over 300 times with more than 500 replies, many were of the opinion that the musician erred in her demands.

“What is wrong with Kenyans and respecting other people’s hustle, you want people to create content and promote you for free?” one user Moran stated.

Some of the reactions from the post.