Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu exposed for stealing concept in new song


Diamond Platnumz is on the receving end again barely a week after being called out for copying and pasting exact words from Tanasha Donna’s song.

Zuchu explained that before even writing the song lyrics, she was given beats by her producer and asked to figure out what to sing to. And immediately she figured the line Yo te quiero would go well with the beats.

Cheche is not something I copied from anyone. I wrote it all from scratch I swear! I don’t know Tanasha’s manager, I have never seen him. But I can only leave it all to God,” clarified Zuchu.

One Kevonstage has pointed out that Diamond has stolen a scene concept from one content creator, Tobe Nwigwe.  From color theme to visuals to characters the whole ride.

Diamond and Zuchu, Litawachoma concept steal