“I’m Losing my Sense of Hearing!” ~ Alex Mwakideu Opens up



Media personality and Milele FM presenter Alex Mwakideu today opened up on a  hearing problem which he has been experiencing for a while.

Speaking during is morning show alongside his  co-host MCA Tricky. He explained that he had worked in the media industry for 16 years now and having worn headphones for such long hours everyday can be a health hazard.

Mwakideu claimed that for a while now he had slowly started losing his sense of hearing and he could barely hear what anyone said if they did not shout or speak loudly. He said that this was because of the use of headsets that he was so used to having at tge workplace and that the problem was getting worse daily.

The radio presenter  said that after visiting the hospital last year the doctor confirmed that his sense of hearing was getting worse and was advised to use a hearing aid. However he said that he declined as he did not want to look disabled and he believed that it could not be that bad.

Mwakideu advised his listeners was to always listen to what doctors ask them to do.