” TBH inauma” Baha says following Machachari being scrapped of


Machachari show has aired for more than century every Friday at 7:30pm. the show was all about young children in the ghetto and a few from the estates. the actors started as little children and 13 years later some audience were claiming most of the actors have outgrown the show.

During a Q & A session on Baha’s Instagram account, one fan asked what his thoughts are about this decision and he replied  saying it hurts .

Machachari will be replaced by Johari  but will be aired at 6;30 pm since Citizen TV has moved all local shows to air at that specific time. other shows which started together with Machachari such as Tahidi High, Inspekta Mwala will still be on the program line up.

Here are some photos of the actors.