It wasn’t an easy decision to make’ Terryanne Chebet resigns


Terryanne Chebet announced that she will be leaving  Metropol TV as she appreciated the team she worked with telling stories that inspired her.

Today I say goodbye to my incredible team at @metropoltvke . What an incredible journey it’s been! You have taught me the real definition of being a leader and what teamwork is. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, especially because of your dedication and commitment to getting the job done. Our commitment to telling the stories of mama Mboga’s, SME’s and startups has inspired me greatly and I will take this to my next journey. I deeply appreciate you all for your viewership, criticism and suggestions that helped us build the first 24 hour Business News Channel in Kenya.

Terryanne then announced that she will be embarking on her personal journey as she starts up something on her own.

 As I now embark on my personal journey of entrepreneurship with @scarletdigital @keyaraorganicsI hope you will ride this journey with me. Love and Light. 😊❤️