Prank Star “Nick Bigfish” hospitalized after getting beaten while pranking people


Nicki Bigfish a popular prank star was hospitalized after he was beaten by angry Kenyans.

People had different reactions to this

still.ecli :😂😂i knew this day would come…you can’t walk around the town making people feel horrible na undhani hutapatikana..(wenzako wanaendesha gari wewe ka unaendesha ni kwa choo) 😅
michaelkiptoo :Atapona na atarudi kuwaprank 💪😂😂. Haitaki hasira.
derrickmakaus:You don’t make comedy by disturbing other people’s peace of mind..

This guy annoys me so much..

Finally got what he deserved 😂 I’m not even sorry.

I saw this coming 😂😂😂 how do you prank an unemployed angry bitter idle stressed and disappointed Kenyan?😂😂 Alipata wabaya 😂😂😂