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Maureen Waititu apologizes to Corazon Kwamboka

Months after her name has been dragged by very many people after breaking up with her baby daddy who is expecting a baby with Corazon Kwamboka, Maureen Waititu spoke on her relationship with Corazon.
Speaking on her YouTube channel, she wished Corazon Kwamboka all the best assuring social media in-laws that she has nothing against her.

“I have nothing against Kwamboka only that she knows where we are. She knows I have no relationship with her. It is about respect and knowing that she is coming into someone’s life and I have no problem with her. In fact, I am happy for her and what she is doing and in her journey fighting endometriosis and I wish her well and safe delivery for her baby. I do not know but maybe one day we will be able to have a sit-down and see the way forward. But in anything, if I have said something towards her that was not pleasuring I am sorry about that.” Maureen said

“But people need to realize moving on is a personal journey. Don’t push me or force me. My healing is dealing with my past demons and traumas and not jumping into the next man across the table.”