‘I have beaten this monster!’ Jeff Koinange recovers from COVID-19


Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange has recovered from the coronavirus disease.

Koinange, was on self-isolation for almost three weeks.He announced his recovery on Thursday, August 6 after receiving his second test results for COVID-19.

”Folks…Day 17 in isolation and I just got my 2nd test results…NEGATIVE…I have BEATEN this MONSTER! And YOU can too! Thank you for ALL your Prayers, Kind Words and Good Wishes! TOGETHER can win this WAR against,” he said in a tweet.

Koinange publicly revealed he had contracted the virus on July 20, 2020, stating that he would remain on self-isolation as he was asymptomatic.

“Folks, just to let you know, I have tested POSITIVE for Covid-19. I’m doing Good..NO symptoms…and my Family is fine,” he tweeted, “All my close contacts have been informed. Right now I’m in self-isolation. Many thanks to Royal Media Services Management for its Support. Stay SAFE & God Bless!” he said on July 20.