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Xtian Dela :Kama kuna mtu ako na shida na mimi aseme


Blogger Xtian Dela has called out Kiss fm presenter Kamene Goro, after she implicated him as a ‘bad influence’ to socialite Shakilla.

Dela stated that Ms Goro should approach him if she got any issue with him instead of using Shakilla to paint him as a bad person.

According to the blogger, Kamene forced Shakilla to confess that she was used by Xtian to promote his hustle and gain followers on his social media pages.


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It’s wrong to force Shakilla to say that I used her! It’s wrong to force Shakilla to say something she doesn’t want.

I did not force Shakilla to say she slept with all those celebs. There is video evidence of everything, even a blind person can re-watch it and see how it went down. You tried to force her to say that I told her to mention celebs but it backfired, she didn’t.

I didn’t force Shakilla to come to Santorini. I didn’t invite her; she came by herself to enjoy herself at the biggest in Kenya. You can’t say I used her to promote Santorini when in the first place I didn’t invite her nor did the management contract her to promote the place. She said it but it had to be twisted to look like I called her, took her round the club, took advantage of her and didn’t pay her.

Kama kuna mtui ako na shida na mimi aseme. Stop hiding behind Shakilla. Kama ni views mlikuwa mnataka mngesema niwapatie shout out. If there’s beef, lets sort it out with facts.

Kama ni kuchoma, tuchome proper everything out. All the secrets and everything, I have been silent for so long but ninatafutwa tu. Double standards watu waache…you want to break the internet; we might as well break it again” wrote Xtian Dela.

Xtian Dela's post
Xtian Dela's postXtian Dela’s post
Xtian Dela's post
In a response, Kamene stated that “Never wrestle with a pig, you will get dirty and the pig likes it”.