Brenda Wairimu bags the best actress in the Women in Film Award


Actress and media personality Brenda Wairimu has announced she won the Best Actress award in the concluded Women in Film award.

She was nominated on this list alongside Sarah Hassan, Stycie Waweru, Terry Andwana and Lucy Njoroge.

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You know how they say artists perform their best, when they are at their worst? These trophies mean a lot to me, its taken almost a decade to get here…and its true, when my personal life was at its worst, my art thrived, it was/is my escape. I lost my dad when we began the shooting of KONA, my mom after that. During Disconnect and especially SUBIRA, my relationship was taking blow after blow, and a lot of misinformation was going round about it. It was a blessing to be able to be someone else, whose life was laid down as words on a script, whose outcome was certain. I think what I am trying to say is artists are human too, life happens to us, we love, we mourn, we make mistakes, and we do it all in front of a million and one eyes. This is very cliche to say, I know. But THANK YOU to you all, and for Art and Film for always being my escape, my alternate reality.

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