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Paul Wakimani Ogutu opens up on being sued for Ayeiya’s death and falling into depression


Comedian Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu has for the first time opened up on being sued for causing the death of his fellow comedian Ayeiya who passed on in 2017 following a grisly road accident.

According to Ogutu who spoke to OG Lorenzo, Ayeiya’s family accused him of causing the death of their loved one, and are demanding a Sh21 million compensation.

On the fateful day that Comedian Ayeiya lost his life, Ogutu was the one on the steering wheel. Others who were in the same car were actor Maina Olwenya and Ayeiya’s wife.

“After Kuzika Ayeiya we came back to Nairobi, and when we came back to Nairobi I thought that everyone understood that it was an accident kama Kawaida. So after a week or two, the wife (Ayeiya’s Wife) called me akaniambia ako na Barua yangu, so nikasema niko na shughuli kidogo nikimaliza I will come. That day sikuweza kukutana na yeye, then I met her on the second day. On that second day she was serving me a court order.

“A court order that I am supposed to pay for killing her husband. It’s not a lie what Zeddy said, ati nadaiwa Sh21 million and it’s not a lie what the bloggers said ati nadaiwa pesa by the family. The family has been constant, mimi nimejaribu sana vitu ziwork between me and the family,” said Paul Wakimani Ogutu in part.

He went on to state that the case is still before the court of law and its hearing was stopped due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

“Wakili alinipigia simu akaniambia kuna barua yako imefika hapa na inasema Ayeiya was earning Sh300K a month. So since Ayeiya was earning Sh300K every month and he died at 31, when he is retiring, he is supposed to retire at the age of 55, so they did the math of 300K multiplied by 12 and the remaining years before he hits 55 years. Na ukiangalia court charges unaona ni lazima pia na shughulikia damages, so roughly it was heading to around Sh20.

Which I will say here right now the cases in Court I cannot talk about the case but I can share what I have received. So I am in court that is also what made me to go into depression. Case iko court ni Corona tu imesimamisha.

I don’t know if I should say the truth or what should I do but right now, ndio tulipata accident, but on the day that we unfortunately lost him ndo alikuwa amerudi Churchill show. There is a point alikuwa amebreak, so it is very wrong kwa the person who was in the car (Ayeiya’s Wife) to accuse me of that. Apparently its Ayeiya who called me to go pick him, I was coming from my own show Ngong road, and at some point I will retrieve all those phones calls because my fans don’t have to see me as a person who can sacrifice a friend. That was a friend and that’s why ever since then nimefall out, but I hope that I will be back,” said Paul Ogutu.

Ogutu made it clear that after the accident things went south and he went into alcoholism and he could drink himself silly, only to wake up by the roadside the next morning.

“I have been going through depression for the last three years and it has not been an easy road for me. It started from Churchill show yenye nilikuwa nafanya and today I hope I just want it to let it go. So after the accident I tried to pick myself up… after the accident nilikuwadeprresssed nikaanza kukataa maji mbya sana…nilijingiza kwa matei , I was drowning everyday to the level no one could understand me,” added Ogutu.

Ogutu’s statement comes days after Zainabu Zeddy told Jalang’o that he (Ogutu) was not fairing.