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AOKO OTIENO : Njugush would recycle a T-shirt for 3 days in college,


Anti- toxic feminism activist and social media sensation  Aoko Otieno has revealed that comedian Njugush used to recycle a T-Shirt during his time in college.

“We were with Njugush and his wife in college and he was a year ahead of us. I would see the lady serving Njugush with food and he would even recycle a T- Shir for three days. That is the kind of financial embarrassment I think you are insinuating. Today they are better,” she said.

Aoko who was on an interview  on Bonga Na Jalas Friday edition, cautioned the ladies against being misled by myopic Kenyan women she referred to as ‘microwave’.

Aoko made the reference while urging women to be patient with men at their lowest financial moments especially if they have the potential to succeed in future.

She also asked socialites to stop misleading womenwith their posh lifestyle.

“I wish women would take these huge amounts of resources to build from the neck up. Some of these things they waste so much money on are transient that is why they have to go back to the surgeons. From where I sit, I think Vera needed a brain transplant rather than a boob implant,” she said while taking a swipe at Vera’s Ksh2 million breast enlargement procedure.