Fena Gitu talks about 2015 being her lowest moment


Trufena Wanjiru Gitu popularly know as Fena Gitu is one of the female artists in the country who have set the bar high for other artists.

Speaking on the Convo show she admitted that she struggled alot before becoming a house hold name.

“I was really struggling around 2015. In my personal life that was like my lowest time. So I took a bit of break, a year break just to strategize and to center, this career. I felt like I was loosing my way, there were are no jobs, no gigs, I was flat broke.I remember having to Okota one bob coins to go buy tissue for 25 bob. I was leaving with my best friend at that time, in a one bedroom on the the floor of the living room. Eeeh! manze tumetoka mbali. Mungu ametutoa mbali.”

After a year break , she came back to the scene and released Sema Ngwe and from there she took the ball and ran with it.

“I just took off from there, there was no turning back. This for me, was the moment for now you are in this to win it! You have to keep going! Now there is no turning back, so to me that’s the song I really hold dear to me.”