The Wajesus Family Gets A Land For Their Baby, Taji Wajesus


Vloggers and influencers Kabi Wajesus and Milly Wajesus have been enjoying their staycation in Diani.

The couple revealed that the main reason they had to travel was to check a piece of land that their son, Taji Wajesus had been gifted.

“Taji is a land owner right now, but the title is under his father’s name. So we have been in communication with greenhaven even before Taji was born. So they were like you guys we have seen your journey, we would love to be part of what you guys are doing and we would love to gift your baby. We were like, what! What are you guys talking about? Then we came here, we were like ooh my God! We want ours as well because it’s a perfect place for you to build a home. It’s 1.5 I’m from the tarmac road, 5km to Diani beach” Milly


“We have a land for Taji. We want to build something for our kids. That’s why it’s such a good idea to buy a land specifically putting in mind this is not ours this is Taji’s . It’s a gift we were given but we also said we were going to buy one more. Instead of it been 50 by 100 it be a quarter” Kabi