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Huddah Monroe unveils own clothing and Shoe line


Socialite and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has unveiled a shoe line and a clothe line a few years after the cosmetic line was launched.

Ms Monroe shared designs of her upcoming shoe line on her social media.

“First Sample, I hate them, soo uncomfortable, the pink Bottom is not the colour of what I asked for. Urgh! We move…I will keep trying …I love comfort.

Ps. My shoes must be comfortable ‘nothing as bad as painful show! I hate sore feet’ they must be classy, queen shit Chic and Trendy. So it might take some time before I launch ladies. But enjoy my other products on the meantime” announced Huddah.

“Most of you want big shoe sizes. Never heard a woman with size 42 in shoes. And I am not being sarcastic. But that’s a good challenge. I will try all sizes in. save your coins’ sis. O am coming for it. Wenye wivu wajonyonge” said Monroe.

On the other hand, the Huddah Cosmetics CEO, has already put up her clothing line under the name “Huddah Clothing” where she sells women Clothes.

Huddah Monroe