Former Tahidi High Actress Involved in Accident


Former Tahidi High Actress Mercy Njoki Mureithi well known as Izareeh is appreciating a second chance in life after being involved in two accidents within two weeks.

She narrated the two incidents that almost cost her life.

In an interview on Ebru TV in 2019, she revealed that she was suicidal due to her toxic relationship with gospel singer Hey Z.

“I came from a very toxic relationship and it lasted for almost 7 years and I kept thinking that things will change. That it will get better. We have a child. Where am I going? Watu watasema aje? Oh my God kukuwa judged. So, I kept going back and it just got worse and when I say worse I mean it was really really bad to a point that I got suicidal,” Mercy said on Ebru TV.