Vallerie Muthoni releases a new banger “Vitu kwa ground ni different’


Rapper, Singer & Performer Vallerie Muthoni released a new song “Vitu kwa ground ni different”which basically talk about how people will laugh with you bu when you are not there the case is different.

“Vitu kwa ground ni different
Vitu Kwa ground ni different
They smile in your face and then the next day they switch and start acting different
Vitu kwa ground ni different
Vitu kwa ground ni different
They wan’ catch a case, got more on the way
Hit my lawyer he’ll handle you different”

The 19 year oldhas released two Eps (extended playlist) The Wavey soul (2018) and Pisces SZN (2019).

She is set to perform her new song at Boombox ladies night which will be happening at the Alchemist bar.

Vallerie has performed at the Kilifi NYE, Tusker octoba fest, Blankets and wine, she opened the stage for Burna Boy among other gigs.