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Entitled or Just Proud? Jalang’o Responds to Victor Mboya.

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Entitled or Just Proud? Jalang’o Responds to Victor Mboya.


Jalang’o is well known to many as a philanthropist who has the keenest of minds to help young people where he can. He made rounds in social media immediately after a young man by the name Victor Mboya, asked for help to aid in the payment of his rent.

Jalang’o responded and gave him a clean Ksh18,000 that would help him clear the house rent.

Hours after being given an ultimatum by Victor Mboya to collect back the Ksh 18,000 he gave him, Jalang’o responded.

During the Morning Kiss show, Jalang’o said that if Mboya is serious about refunding the cash he can directly deposit it to his Mpesa.

“Why is he giving me an ultimatum yet he has my number, let him deposit the cash to my Mpesa.”

The comedian (Jalang’o) paid the young man’s rent which had totaled Ksh18,000 accompanied with the following remarks, “Your rent has been paid. Call your caretaker to confirm it. But you should stop looking for sympathy, go out there and work.”

The young man, Vincent Mboya came out in an interview and said that he felt offended by Jalango’s words and wanted the comedian to collect the money he paid within 48 hours.

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