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Eric Omondi and TV Journalist Jacque Maribe embroiled in a paternity row

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Eric Omondi and TV Journalist Jacque Maribe embroiled in a paternity row


Media personality Jacque Maribe and comedian Eric Omondi have become the latest victims of spat on social media in a paternity row.
The conversation began when the self-proclaimed President of Comedy in Africa flaunted a photo of a purportedly pregnant songstress Miss P on his Instagram account.

In the post, the comedian wrote, “I met this beautiful woman 5 months ago in an event I was hosting,” referring to the musician.
“Whatever happened happened and I promised her I would take very responsibility. Children are a blessing from God”, he concluded.

Publicity stunt?
The revelation angered netizens who also accuse Eric of pulling publicity stunts with fake pregnancies and brides. But one response from TV Journalist Jacque Maribe twisted the conversation.

“Responsibility? I can’t speak [insert laughing emoji] 7 years of responsibility”, Maribe wrote in a comment, perhaps to ridicule the comedian.
It is alleged that Eric and Maribe have a child of seven years together.

For the record
Feeling mocked, Eric Omondi opened up on his relationship with Ms. Maribe and the frustration he has borne to ascertain the paternity of their ‘child’.

“For seven years I have begged Jacque to allow us to have a DNA test and she continually refused!” wrote Omondi in part.
“I don’t mind supporting the child but if you want me to be fully present and supportive, then we must do the right thing” he concluded.

Here is Eric’s account.

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