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On the 5th of March, FCPA Fernandes Barasa, the top contender for the Kakamega gubernatorial race launched his campaigns at Bukhungu stadium. Draped in an orange suit he made clear his allegiance to ODM, and a blue cap to show affiliation to Azimio la Umoja. In a spectacle not seen before, Mr. Barasa brought Kakamega to a standstill. He was flanked by his wife, the elegant Professor Janet Kasilly Barasa.

The motorcade of friends and supporters stretched all the way from Ikonyero through Kakamega town, to Bukhungu Stadium.

While it’s always a contest when it comes to political competition, Mr. Barasa’s experience and academics do clearly place him as the favorite for the governor’s seat in Kakamega. With a career spanning over 25 years in some of Kenya’s leading parastatals, his knowledge in the management of public funds is a clear asset to the people of Kakamega

Thousands fill Bukhungu Stadium in support of Governor Barasa

This fact has clearly been appreciated and embraced by the people of Kakamega as was evident on the day of the bid launch

“I have been a boda boda operator in this town for the past 12 years. Nothing like this has ever been witnessed here. Even national leaders come here but they have never attracted crowds that Fernandes Barasa attracted,” said Moses Mukuna, a boda boda operator in Kakamega town.

Bukhungu Stadium was also filled to the brim. Organizers of the event had a difficult time finding space to fit all the supporters who came from the 12 sub-counties of Kakamega. People who could not find space in the stadium followed the proceedings from outside the stadium, some choosing to Livestream the event on multiple platforms.

Mr. Barasa with the Incoming First Lady Prof Barasa

How did Fernandes Barasa become so popular among the people of Kakamega? Locals we spoke to told Trending News Kenya that Fernandes Barasa has been helping the community through Barasa Foundation. For the last 5 years, Barasa Foundation has donated wheelchairs to people living with disabilities, constructed houses for needy families, carried out anti jigger campaigns, purchased motorbikes for youth, among many other projects.

In his speech, Fernandes Barasa made a commitment to implement frameworks to improve healthcare, education, agriculture, infrastructure, good governance, and industrialization. He vowed to share resources equally across all the 12 sub-counties, in line with his mantra of “Maendeleo Na Usawa”.


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