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Female Law Graduate Cries That she Desperately Needs a Job

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Female Law Graduate Cries That she Desperately Needs a Job


It is always the joy of a parent to see their son in a graduation regalia. For those who want to receive higher education and find high-paying jobs that can support one, pursuing higher education and completing school is one of the routes that one can follow.

This was not the case for  Zainab Aderonke Ademeyo, who graduated with a law degree and is currently desperately looking for a job. She took it to social media to rant about her graduating and looking for a job, all In vain.

Sharing her post on Linkedin she showcased her papers with Honors in law and her letter of admission to the bar. She further says that she is looking for a job in start-up law firms, financial institutions, and anywhere else that would be fit for her to practice her career in law.

Zainab says that she has sent numerous emails to employers with no success. People took to social media to congratulate her on her academic achievement and encouraged her to take heart and be strong.

Unemployment is a big challenge in most developing countries and this can be attributed to poor economic growth and policies that govern the state.

In developing countries, where job markets are particularly tight, special attention must be given to ensuring that these employment services also target employers in order to help them create positions.

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